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 Absurdity Day & Marketing Small Businesses

The absurdity I see in the marketing world today is the obscene cost of marketing and advertising for the small and medium sized businesses. It is hard to keep up with how to connect with your customer  but the silver lining is in using the  customer service model where your customers experience is so good that they talk about it. Hence the reason I think Social Media can help and or hurt you if you're not careful and knowledgeable about the customer service you are providing, especially any business in the retail arena. To the best of your ability protect your online reputation and if you need help seek out a content manager and image consultant.   Customer serviced based advertising is so much better and cheaper than any slick advertising gimmick where you risk somehow giving less than stellar service. In these cases, word travels fast and your business can take an image and reputation hit. The strategy is  striving for word of mouth free promotion.  Cost of advertising and marketing is felt more by the business that would be considered a seasonal one, they are continually in a position of updating and marking their products. If you are fortunate as a small business to understand your website this process is invaluable.  Learning how to take control of your website gives you the freedom to know that your data and information is being presented as you, the owner, want it without costly limitations. It's what we at Quality Engineering Designs call automation. We even have the vision to create apps that will help the small business owner stay connected with his or her business operations from anywhere. We are looking to help business grow with honesty and commitment to seeing the customer through the process of Custom Website Design.  Hopefully you have a Custom website that gives you the freedom to expand and grow your business without costing you an arm and a leg.  It is tough marketing your new small business in today's' commercial marketplace. Thank goodness for YouTube and Facebook; new opportunities abound if the time and attention is given to a plan and diverse marketing strategy. I have mentioned in other posts the enormous potential in Video marketing. Stay tuned .


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