Why Adding Video Blogs (Vlogs) to Your Blogs Increases Your Audience

When it comes to blogging, one of the keys to being successful is to increase your audience. You could have one of the most spectacularly written blogs in the history of the Internet, but if no one is reading it, then all of that quality is useless.

A strong, devoted audience that comes back week-after-week is the key to success. But one of the best ways to make your blog stand out from the thousands of others that are out there is to incorporate video blogs (or vlogs) as a means of capturing your audience’s attention.

Here’s exactly why adding vlogs just makes sense:

If you have an especially complicated or technical subject that you cover in your blog, a video may be the best means for showing what you are talking about to an audience. If you’re blogging about coding, for instance, it would make sense to record your coding session and use it to show your audience exactly what you are talking about in a practical sense.

The same is true if you’re doing a blog about home repairs. It is one thing to describe how to fix a squeaky door. But it becomes much more useful if your audience can see you making these repairs.

Another reason why vlogs make sense is that audiences are becoming more accustomed to them. Many people don't have time in their busy schedules to read huge chunks of text. They may skim a blog, look for the highlights, and then move on to something else.

But with a vlog, you can capture your audience’s attention quickly. Even if they don’t watch the vlog, your viewers can put it on in the background and listen to your ideas, much like we do with podcasts.

Finally, adding vlogs makes sense because it makes your website easier to find. If you upload your videos to webhosts like YouTube, you are getting a huge platform from which to shout your ideas. It’s also easier to be found on YouTube with keyword searches because the market has not been as oversaturated as print blogs have become.

Vlogging may not take the place of your blog, but it does make sense to add this platform to your website. If you can add vlogs, you will capture the attention and interest of your audience; they are more likely to hear your ideas than if you just left them to read your thoughts.

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