Algorithms and Social Media Website Posts

If you consider the use of social media as an important part of your business, you probably know about algorithms and the constant changes to them. Algorithms are also a huge part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’re going to discuss the two biggest platforms of both social media and search engines: Facebook and Google.

What is An Algorithm?

First off, let’s discuss exactly what an algorithm is. An algorithm is a program created to do specific step by step tasks, in order to solve a problem. This can be anything from calculating an employee’s paycheck, retrieving data, and in our case, arrange social media posts and search engine results.

How Does Google Use Algorithms?

One of the biggest priorities of a website is SEO. Since Google is the world’s largest search engine, understanding their algorithm is key. The Google algorithm is very complex, but with a little research can be understood and used to your advantage. Here is the algorithm at its most basic level.

  • Google takes your search words and analyzes them, interpreting any spelling mistakes and trying to determine context.
  • The algorithm then crawls the web for articles or sites that match those words.
  • Before displaying the results, Google has used their algorithm to determine which sites are most useful. This is determined by many factors but a few being how long somebody stays on a site, if they leave to go to another result, and how often your search terms appear on that page.
  • Displaying of results. 

How Does Facebook Use Algorithms? 

As of last year, Facebook took a page out of the Google playbook and implemented user experience for how they display posts on your feed. Their algorithm determines which posts will cause the most positive reactions or contributions. Using this method, as well as your profile information, posts, and activity, the posts are displayed on your news feed in order of a point system.

Structuring your posts to invite likes, comments, or shares will help your post get a higher place on the news feeds of potential customers or viewers.

What about Google Plus? 

Unfortunately, Google Plus is being shut down. Before the shut down businesses were using Google Plus as a platform to increase their business’s visibility, and link to written content from your domain.

Although Google Plus is being shut down there is still an option out there to utilize: Google My Business (don’t actually Google ‘my business,’ that’s just what it’s called). Google My Business allows you to create a profile for your business and use it to share what’s new with your business and connect to potential customers on a completely new level. Any chance to connect with potential customers is a plus and should always be used.

Final Thoughts

For best results, staying in touch with changing algorithms is in your best interest. Keeping up to date with the algorithms allows you to structure your posts and website to allow for a better position on both social media and search engines. As you know, this means more business and more visibility, huge requirements for a successful business.

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