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How a Website Upgrade Increases Your Google Ranking

If you’re looking to make your business website stand out from the rest, then you definitely have your work cut out for you. Today, there are millions of websites available and that means more competition for you. When it comes

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Introducing Video to Your Business Website

If the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is true, then how much is a video worth? Businesses are finding that videos are incredibly effective tools to include on a website to help bring in business

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Why Optimization Is Critical for Mobile Users

If you remember the early days of the Internet with dial-up internet connections or even the second generation of wired cable modems, then you probably surfed the web on a desktop PC or, if you were lucky, a clunky laptop

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Google and Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Users

If you’re trying to run a business online, then you probably realize that Google’s search engine rankings can make or break you. If you’re at the top of the search engine list for your business’s keywords, then you have a

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What is the Big Deal with Mobile Optimization?

It used to be that website design was fairly simple. You created a website and (with a few exceptions) it could display properly on just about anyone’s desktop or laptop. But demographics have changed significantly since the early days of

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Hackers on the Rise: How to Protect Yourself from the Endless Onslaught of Spoof Email

While most email services have a good eye when it comes to filtering out spam and fake emails, sometimes they can get past the filters and into your inbox. It is not common for this to happen, but it does,

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Is the Use of a CRM Right for Your Business?

Standalone customer relationship management (CRM) software is becoming more popular for small- to medium-sized businesses, and for good reason. Instead of having to design and build your own software, you can simply purchase a license from a company. What is

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Integrating Your Website with CRM Automation

Would you like to be able to track customer trends, keep customer details organized, and have a system that can gather this information both automatically and manually? I have some really good news for you, you can. Integrating a CRM

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What is a CRM to Your Website?

A CRM (Customer-Relationship Management) system can be a very powerful tool when used correctly. One way to use it correctly is to integrate it with your website. However, before we talk about that let’s talk about what a CRM system

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Are Your Business Devices Working Together Efficiently?

Adding new devices to your business is always exciting. Unfortunately, these additions are often not without risk. When introducing new equipment, there’s always a chance that the old equipment doesn’t want to play nice, or that the new equipment doesn’t

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