Avoiding Poor Quality Website Design


Avoiding Poor Quality Website Design

There are a lot of great web designers out there who create a product that is both beautiful and functional. We are inspired by some of these amazing designers and believe we at Quality Engineering Designs are among them. However, in contrast, there are also a lot of not so great website designs out there. We have put together a few things for you to be on the lookout for in your website that can help you determine if you have poor quality in your website design.

  1. Incompatible color schemes and poor reading visibility

One of the most obvious signs of a poor website design is a lack of cohesion in the aesthetics. A few that are easy to see right away are color schemes that do not blend or work well with each other. Often this also results in poor text color/background choices that cause the reader to strain when trying to read. A good designer would know what color schemes work and how to properly display text.

  1. Pixelated Images

This can be extremely frustrating to see. An image should be set at the proper resolution and scaled to size. Pixelation can arise when an image is shrunken down and then enlarged with a lower resolution. This causes the image to be less detailed and create this choppy block effect.

  1. Transparency

This issue is very prevalent among bad web designs. A good web designer will take transparency into consideration when applying certain graphics or other features to a site. They will know when and where it would be good to implement this characteristic. How frustrating is it when you see a logo image with a big white background? Not very appealing.

  1. Functionality

Functionality is a very broad topic, but vital to the survival and success of a website. If a site shows signs of broken links & forms, slow & unreliable hosting, lack of metadata & keywords, empty pages (Skeleton), poor coding semantics, or an abundance of Adobe flash animations, then consider using a new web designer. All of these issues and many others like it are a huge problem when it comes to presenting a professional and efficient website. A great web designer will take the time to make sure that both the foreground and background of your site are set up properly and aesthetically pleasing.

Your website is the first impression of your business for many of your potential customers. You deserve to put your best foot forward and have a web designer who is willing to make that happen.

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