The Benefits of Blogging in 2018

Have you read a blog and wondered if you should take the plunge and start your own? If you have a small business, then the answer is yes! There are many good reasons that you should dust off your keyboard, put on your thinking cap, and start writing. If you still need a little encouragement, take a look at these five reasons that having a blog can help both you and your business.

  1. Improve your relationships and build new ones. No matter what business you are in it’s all about building relationships. You need to connect with your customers, collaborators, and the others in your world as often as you can. A blog gives you the chance to show another side of yourself, offer information to help your customers, and connect with your collaborators.
  2. Stay fresh. Even if you know your business inside and out, writing about it will give you the chance to look at it from a different angle. Looking at what you do with a writer’s eye gives you the chance to get creative and express yourself in new ways. As you dig deep into topics that you take for granted, you’ll have the chance to research, talk to others, and start learning again. You may even find yourself becoming re-energized.
  3. Get found. Today’s search engine algorithms place a heavy emphasis on high-quality content. Adding a blog to your site provides search engines with more of your insight to index and this can move you up in the search rankings.
  4. Differentiate your business. You know what makes you special, but do your customers? A blog gives you the chance to state your case for what you can do to help your clients meet and exceed their goals. Even in the most collegial industries, you need to set yourself apart.
  5. You’ll become a better writer. When it comes to writing, practice really does make perfect. While your first attempts may not win you a Pulitzer Prize, you’ll find that the more you write the easier it is. Take advantage of grammar checking tools and ask a friend or colleague to proof for you. Welcome constructive criticism and just keep writing.

Now is the perfect time to get started on your own blog. Over time, you’ll find your search engine rankings improve, your relationships with your customers strengthen, and you’ll be comfortable thinking about yourself as a writer. So what are you waiting for? Start writing!

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