The Benefits of Integrating YouTube into Your Website


The Benefits of Integrating YouTube Into Your Website

Video can add an extra interest to your website and attract more viewings and clicks to details about your product. Many viewers look to YouTube to find entertaining and relevant content and by placing the videos from YouTube on your website you are tapping into their large audience.

Short and Sweet

With the vast amount of content available online internet users have shorter attention spans and will browse past your content if it is too long or not in a form they are interested in. Shorter videos with a fascinating story or message will appeal to a wider audience.

A Personal Connection

Video allows you to build more of a connection with the viewer than a wall of text. They will be able to see and hear your enthusiasm and your website purpose can be demonstrated visually. A video can be tailored so it is like a personal discussion with individuals in your niche and can add an informative background to what is written on your web page.

Repeat Visitors

Placing video on your website means that you will get your audience traveling to your website to view the videos. This can lead them to spend a longer period on your website and as they do so they will become more familiar with your goals, message and the services you offer. Clients and potential clients will also share your videos with their friends meaning you have more chance of making a connection with a wider audience.

Higher Rankings in Search Engines

One of the criteria which search engines use to decide where you are ranked on a search engine is the quantity and quality of your content. Adding video to your website means there is more opportunity for your links to be discovered and for people to be directed to your website for their wants and needs. A personalized video which has been created specifically for those people within your niche will perform the best in search engine results.

Let Your Businesses Personality Shine

In the age of social media people want to feel connected to their favorite businesses and brands. The personality or branding of a business can be an influencing factor in whether somebody chooses to use your services. A video provides an excellent way to show what makes you and your company unique. A good way to do this is by providing videos that show you and your team working and interacting and personal messages to the audience from the owner of the business. Updates, answering customer queries and giving an insight into the day to day running of your business are all ideas for videos that will give potential customers a fun way to find out more about you and your company.

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