How Blogging Helps Your Business Grow

Increasing business is the #1 priority of any business. Thankfully, due to technology, there are many ways for you to do this. One of the more popular ways to grow your business is by blogging.

Using a blog as a business tool is a great way to create a personal connection to potential clients or customers that traditional business strategies miss out on. Blogging is also extremely popular. In January of this year, there were over 23 BILLION blog page views on WordPress sites alone. What this data indicates is that people want to read blogs, and you should give them something to read on your terms.

How to Create Blog Content

A lot of businesses, and people in general, have trouble when it comes to deciding what to write about. In order to help your business grow through blogging, you need to keep your blogs relevant. Write about common industry issues that potential viewers may be interested in. Addressing questions that customers may have is a great way to engage your audience and also provide useful information. Compound articles, such as how-to’s, will generate more views over time rather than starting high and dying out.

Keep Posting

After creating an article that will increase in views over time, you will want to keep up with it. Websites that blog 16 times a month see more visits than those with less than 16.  Once the views start coming, the business starts growing. With more views on your business’s site, you will increase the chances that whoever is reading will want to purchase what you’re selling.

Add a Call to Action

Don’t forget to add a Call to Action! If you want to get the most out of your blog, a suggestion for further reading is a fantastic way to keep the reader on your site. A Call to Action can be a link to another article or it can be a request to join a mailing list. Whichever action you decide to use, it must be aligned with what you’re trying to accomplish with your business.

Blogging to grow your business can be very useful when used correctly. It will take time as does everything else, but it is proven to help your business as long as articles are relevant and consistently posted. If blogging is not your strong suit there are many options available for hire.

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