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Does your website read like a boring book? Do you need better text content or a proper font? Do you have too much text content and not enough photo content? Writing a book requires organization as does the building of a Custom Website. Yea I know,  It seems like a lot of questions you don’t know the answers to or care to know because there are so many other things to think and worry about in daily life. But when it comes to how your website internet persona reads to the public, these questions you should want to know the answers to. For the survival of your new business, I emphatically state here, that you should read over your text content and have it proofed by someone you trust will be honest with you. I suggest a partner  Accountability Partner because they are wanting you to succeed because if you grow they benefit from your growth. Therefore the key idea here is to have relevant organized content before you seek out a website designer; allowing you get your business website site launched in less than a week. All this can be done with a cost effective website design.  At an affordable price, which even new business owners can afford as a part of the new company's  marketing budget, a website is a powerful tool proven to generate income, site visits, or even a following. Some books have illustrations, the visual content, and websites are the same. Color usage is very important in designing a website and must show appropriate contrast and crispness in its presentation.  Photo content is the hook in most website reveals, hence the reason it must be relevant and be presented with the best template to showcase the service or product on your website. It should be coherent and flow with your menu while showing creativity in its presentation.

The kind of business you are launching determines the percentage of text to photo content you will need to enhance the experience of grabbing and keeping the attention of your visitor. Look at it as an exercise of finding Elmo. You look at the header, then the body, and finally the footer. It's like when reading a book, the first thing you look at is the title, next to the index, and finally the epilog. So when you are designing your website home page it needs to contain as much information without looking too busy; giving the visitor enough eye candy to keep them at your site, long enough to convert the visit into a sale.

Speed viewing is a term I like to use in explaining why just the right amount of visual and text appeal make sale conversions for your Website. Finally, the visual information will need to match the text content on your page so that when a potential customer visits the Google search engine your title information will come up. So when you are in the market for SEO choose your website designer carefully.

In celebration of Book Lover's Day go and read a book; better yet read an online audio book and enjoy the experience.



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