Bounce Rates: Desktop vs. Mobile Users

It’s been nearly three years since the number of searches done with mobile devices first surpassed those done on the desktop. At the time, it was big news even though many experts had seen it coming. Google, in particular, had already been reporting that more searches were being done on its platform using mobile.

So the turning point for mobile was 2016, and it was no blip. The trend has continued and, worldwide, mobile currently owns nearly 50-60% of the market for search depending on whose numbers you use.

If you are asking why you should care, then you likely aren’t a business owner. If you do have a business and people find your business using the Internet, then you know why you should care. If you aren’t giving some love to your mobile site, then you are likely missing customers. Besides being essential to whether or not people can find you, how your mobile site responds will be a significant factor in determining if users stick with your site once they find it.

What Is A Bounce?

The industry has defined a metric for whether or not a person spends time on your site or leaves right away: it’s called “bounce rate.” More specifically, bounce rate is the percentage of sessions on your site where a user came in and then left after looking at just one page. You can interpret these quick exits in a number of ways, but typically it either means that the person found what they were looking for or the page wasn’t what they had in mind. Regardless of whether you look at this in a glass half full or glass half empty kind of way, a high bounce rate is generally a bad thing.

So what do bounce rate and mobile have to do with each other? This is where things get a little less straightforward. While it’s true that more people are searching using mobile, the desktop still has an advantage when it comes to how long people stay on a site. While mobile rules, there are reasons why the good old-fashioned way is just as important.

Have A Mobile Strategy, But Respect The Desktop!

The long and short of it is that you must have a mobile strategy, a responsive website, and stay on top of trends. But you also have to keep in mind that many people are still working in the desktop world and that much in-depth information mining happens on the desktop. This is likely where most of your conversions will happen.

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