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Multi Level Marketing Websites

Marketing Strategy

Attention Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies that do not have a website; do you want to improve and publicly legitimize your business? You will be contributing to taking away a negative stigma surrounding Multi-Level Marketing Companies. Do this, and create your

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Website Colors

When considering Website Colors  it helps to understand some basics of what colors look good together and elicit an emotion that leads the viewer to feel more energetic after experiencing the colors of your website. I chose to cover this topic

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Video Marketing 2015-2018 Growth

Marketing Strategy

Why should a new small business use video marketing, as a part of an overall marketing strategy? If and when you do decide to try it, there are some mistakes that should be avoided in order not to waste time

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The Social Media Advisor

Social Media Icons

A Social Media Professional will help you get the most out of Social Media Marketing. The advisor we use stands behind the principles of education, ownership and accountability.  We use the Branding services she provides because we feel she is

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Tools for Small Business

BUSINESS COACH / ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER The first tool in this series is the use of a Business Coach. To guide you through the startup and growth of your small to medium-sized business. Business Coaches are a strategic tool used by

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National Small Business Week

SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS TOOL WEEK Quality Engineering Designs likes that every year since 1963; the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week. This proclamation recognizes the tremendous contributions of entrepreneurs and small business

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Video Marketing

Marketing Strategy

              Why video online marketing is the future marketing strategy for small to medium sized companies  By 2017, video marketing will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic

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Spring Website Design Special

          Don’t be fooled by offers of Free Website Design, Check out Quality Engineering Designs. We don’t’ fool around with designing your website. We take your business serious, so don’t spend thousands of dollars for a

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Digital Optimization

21st Century Marketing and what it means to you; the small to medium sized business Are you marketing your business the old fashioned expensive way? Hiring a marketing firm with high priced account executives out to get you to spend

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