Chaos Never Dies Day


Chaos Never Dies Day

If you do a search for stress, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of articles (and numerous days of celebration) on how to relieve stress, find peace, and take it easy. They all focus on the idea that we are too busy and need to take a break in order to manage stress.

Here’s the thing, though, once you step back into the real world, you’ll find the same chaos as before. We are always busy, and nothing ever stays calm for long. Chaos Never Dies Day is a unique holiday that encourages you to embrace the chaos of your life. Be in the here and now, and stop waiting for the perfect moment.

There are some cases where chaos can be overwhelming. Don’t worry! We have a great process to help you wrangle your chaos into manageable chunks.

  1. Make a list of all the things on your mind. Don’t worry, you can run it through the shredder as soon as you’re done if you like. Get every worry, doubt, idea, to-do item, etc. on that list. Your mind needs space to problem solve. If you’ve cluttered up the room with three thousand things that don’t matter, it’s hard to find the things that do.
  2. From that list, highlight (or mark with an identifier) those things that are necessary to your day.
  3. Combine like items. Do you have several phone calls that need to be made? Seven emails that need to go out? Four follow-up items that having a looming deadline? If so, combine them together. You can start making a new list to organize your thoughts. Mark through these items on the first list so you don’t accidentally double up.
  4. Prioritize your day based on the 80/20 rule. 20% of the efforts create 80% of the outcome. Find the big impact items for your day and make them the priority.
  5. Schedule in time chunks. If you have seven emails that must go out today, block off a time of the day to do that. More time is wasted in switching gears between one program and the next than you know. While you’re already in the right mindset, send off those emails. Sometimes you need research before you can send out an email. If that’s the case, schedule some research time before your email block so you can have all the numbers you need right on hand.
  6. Look back on your day as a day of progress instead of a day of chaos. Some days we feel like we’re spinning our wheels, but even those days offer up a chance to learn. You can’t stop the tide, but you can control how you use it in your daily life.

Embrace the chaos in your life and find ways to keep it manageable. Make time off more about relaxation and less about escaping your chaos and you’ll feel more fulfilled than ever.

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