Common Courtesy Day

Thank You On Laptop Shows Appreciation And Gratefulness

Common Courtesy

Isn't it refreshing when you encounter Common Courtesy? I was raised with the golden rule to always give respect and practice common courtesy every day without fail. As a consumer I expect the person I am interacting with to thank me for my business and I will thank them for the service or product. In this  era of Social Media, Smart Phones, and You Tube, have we lost the practice of using the golden rule of Common Courtesy?

The face to face experience seems to be becoming extinct as we all dive into our devices of fun, Texting, Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, Linked In , and last but not least Tweeting. Wow, times have changed since the ushering in of the technological age. It was the industrial revolution , the information age but now its the Technological Age. The internet has given us access to more information than ever, easily accessible and relativity cheap.

This Information/Internet age has reduced face to face interactions to such a degree, that we as the Human Race seem to be forgetting that we need human touch to keep us human. So remember the Common Courtesy Day recognition gives us the opportunity to remind us all that we are in this together and we can make this a better world. To the new and small businesses treat your customers as family and they will return the favor when given the opportunity. Let them know how much you appreciate them and they  will let the world know that you are a trustworthy business.


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