Should You Connect Your Email Address To Your Business Website?

When setting up your business website, it’s very important that you do substantial pre-planning to be certain that everything runs smoothly before going live. An important factor that you must consider is how to handle company emails.

Is it worthwhile to connect your work email address to your business website? This would mean that your address is either visible on the website or connected to the site through a direct link. Let’s look at why that may not be the best idea:

What Email Should You List On Your Website?

There are really two options when placing an email on your site, be it directly or through a link. The first of these is to put your name as the recipient, such as Obviously, this is a personalized way of getting in touch with someone and can let visitors interact directly with you.

However, you can also opt instead to put the job title or division in the email address so that the person emails or This second option can also be used as a general, temporary email address until a permanent one is assigned to a new hire.

Why Use the General Email Address?

You would probably think that a more personalized email would be better, but it really isn’t. Why? Because spammers scour the Internet for these addresses and add them to bulk email lists. This can clog your inbox with emails that you don’t want or need.

A general email address allows a group account to be utilized so that multiple employees can handle these messages. For instance, inquiries about marketing could be forward to and then multiple members of that department could have access to field these queries.

A personalized email address suggests permanency, but obviously many employees leave their employers at some point. Instead of placing the personalized email on the website, you can reserve these for return emails so that the receiver will know exactly who he or she is speaking with.

If a person is no longer with a company, their individual email can then simply be shut down and re-routed to a new employee.

Handling heavy email traffic can be tricky. By correctly setting up your email platform before going live, you can ensure that there will be fewer problems as the years, and employees, move on.

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