The Dangers of Non Specific Page Titles on Your Website

Your title is the single most important HTML tag for describing your page. This allows Google and all other search engines to find and index your new content quickly. Many sites use the same title for every page of the site and lose out on tons of traffic because of it. Every page on your site should have a unique title.

An easy way to accomplish this is by doing a Google search with the command “”. The first thing you’ll notice is Google asking if you own your domain so you can try their search console. Below that, however, you’ll find an index of your pages. Do you have a thousand pages/posts that are listed by numbers? If so, how does that help a search engine share the word about your great content?

This brings us to another point Another, often overlooked area when building your own website is correctly optimizing your web page for search engines. Many times the title, description, and “H” tags are left out. If you don’t know what “H” or “Heading” tags are, check out this amazing article by Yoast on the subject. It’s common for people to overlook these important pieces, but they are imperative to search engine optimization. Title, description, and “H” tags provide the summary needed to properly index your site. Don’t come back to fix it later. Make sure it’s perfect the first time. I can’t tell you how many times websites like this don’t realize the reason why their great content isn’t making the top of the search engines because their title tag simply says “Welcome!” and nothing about what the page is actually about.

You should note that a professional web developer will always make sure these tags are filled out. They will ensure that these tags tell the search engines and users what exactly they’re getting before they click through to your site. This article from AddThis Academy uses several visual examples of proper tag usage. Doing this on your own can take a considerable amount of your valuable time. Having a professional who specializes in this can save you time, money, and frustration. Running your business doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Delegation is just as important as any other management skill. Most successful businesses have come to the same conclusion: in order to make money, it’s best to hire professionals to do the work for you so you can focus on taking your business to the next level.

For a professional website to be successful the pages must be built correctly, there can be no broken links, the website structure must be focused, and that website scalability and the page title factors mentioned in this article must be up to par.

For more examples on how to optimize your website for search engine optimization, check out this article by Kissmetrics.

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