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21st Century Marketing and what it means to you; the small to medium sized business


Are you marketing your business the old fashioned expensive way? Hiring a marketing firm with high priced account executives out to get you to spend your entire expense budget on them and the firm they represent. Well, you small to medium sized companies need look any further. Did you know that marketing has taken on a new look?  Market Your Small Business

The new look is self-marketing; and here’s what it looks like today;  Self Marketing Strategies



It’s your website, mobile app and social media 

Technology in the hands of businessmen






And if your branding is done right it can bring in more customers than any overpriced television, radio, or news print advertising. Not only are we in a new era for marketing, many new businesses such as yours are solely relying on marketing the digital way and saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their advertising budgets.
Let’s leave those outdated modes of marketing to the mega corporations.

There are many small to medium sized companies that have applied the digital optimization strategy and have seen substantial results. I know you are asking yourselves how this is done.

Well, we here at copy-cropped-qedlogosmall


Have a saying; start a blog, build your website, brand your name, and increase your business.
Following are some examples of digital assets you may have that we can help you optimize:

  • Your website pages contain store location pages, product pages, review pages, promotion pages
  • Images, product and news images
  • Location data, ( maps optimization) business data
  • Videos for product use, and how to videos
  • Press releases, corporate, industry and news worth information
  • Social media, can include new products and product launches
  • Mobile apps
  • Podcasts, that can be instructional, and educational audio books

News Flash!!! Mobile App Optimization is here and Google is now lowering your SEO ranking if your website does not have Mobile App Optimized features.

We have been working with our clients to get them ready for this change and it has finally arrived. We don’t want you to lose your ranking on Google so please email or call us today for a free consultation; Quality Engineering Designs is here for you. or

Staten Fuller

Quality Engineering Designs
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