Doing Something Awesome Day

Thu 10th March Day Of Awesomeness

Doing Something Awesome Day

Hello everyone, today is Do Something Awesome Day and I would like to commemorate this day by celebrating the awesome small businesses that are just that Awesome. In today's economy the one segment I think qualifies to be called awesome is the small businesses sector. Small business owners deserve the distinction of being awesome. They are the ones who are making our economic engine run in spite of the unfair advantages of large corporations . Small businesses  know the importance of true customer service and connecting with their customers. This means they are truly doing something awesome every day.

In my experience, its the small businesses that are going the extra mile for their customers without the red tape to correct mistakes made. In many cases the small business owner is the face of their respective brand and as a result are more responsive to the needs of their customers; again making them awesome. As a result the small business community puts the face of humanity back into business and not some board of directors only concerned with the bottom line. It was a travesty when our leaders thought it appropriate to consider corporations (individuals) giving them the distinction; clearly a political motivation.

In conclusion, I would like to mention some businesses that are in my opinion truly Awesome. They get this designation because of the above mentioned characteristics and because they are helping new small businesses grow and thrive in today's tough business climate. The first business is one that every new business should utilize and that is a Business Coach, Consultant & Accountability Partner. The second business is one that will help you develop a marketing/sales strategy, CR Conversations. The third company provides a service any new business should take very serious in today's social media environment. It covers the do's and don'ts when it comes to promoting your business using the various social media outlets. The Social Media Advisor is a very important tool for marketing, promotion, and the best way to connect with your customers. The final business new small businesses need to look at is Website Design; this business will provide you with a platform for world wide exposure, aiding you with how to create and promote your brand. The above mentioned businesses will get you on the path to growth and success; check them out before you start your business or even if you have been in operation for a while. I guarantee you will benefit and your business will be the better as you grow and establish a well known brand.

Good Luck.

Staten Fuller

Quality Engineering Designs
3190 S Vaughn Way
Aurora, CO 80014

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