What is an Email Drip Campaign and Why Should You Care?


What is an Email Drip Campaign and Why Should You Care?

Email marketing to your target audience is a lot easier to coordinate than more traditional means of marketing. Firstly, you know the audience is actually interested in what you say because they have given you their email addresses to receive your content. Secondly, you can organise your sales pitch in advance. This gives you the ability to gradually introduce your product, while also create a dialogue with the individual reading your emails. Gradually sending pre-prepared emails to those on your email list is called a drip campaign. This content is automatically sent to them over a period of days and weeks and only occurs according to the settings you have provided.

Do Drip Campaigns Work?

The first thing a business owner wants to know about a marketing technique is if it is going to get them results. Drip campaigns are a proven way to secure clients and sell your product. A well-written email drip campaign can increase conversion to up to 119 percent and the best part is that these campaigns are easy to set up and are extremely efficient.

Uses of a Drip Campaign

A drip campaign should not be solely used for talking about your product or service. It should ideally be a slow conversation with the customer, which also provides a use for the reader. People are more likely to open emails with content they have a direct interest in and with organising an email campaign this should be kept in mind. Emails that educate the user will be more likely to inspire them to click on your product link than an email which focuses exclusively on the sale. Letting an individual know about changes to your products and services is fine, but too many sales driven emails will possibly cause them to stop opening your emails or to unsubscribe from your list. Ensuring customers only get emails that are of interest to them is easy to do, with analytics systems which tell you how customers are accessing them information and what they are clicking on. You can use email campaigns for:

  • Educating the Reader- You can create or share content which fits in with your relevant niche. People always enjoy fresh and new content which fits in with their interests and hobbies.
  • Reward- A reward can be offered in an email campaign for those who are subscribed to your list. This could be a giveaway or a discount on your product or service.
  • Welcoming- You can welcome new people to your email list and invite them to provide feedback or ask questions about your product or niche.
  • Pointing people towards your products- Your emails can each provide a link to your products and services for potential customers to click on.

Why Should You Care?

An email campaign only targets people who have shown a previous interest in your work or niche. People have to constantly check their email to keep in touch with work and personal engagements. Promotional emails from companies and businesses they trust with content they find engaging and interesting will most likely be read straight away. This gives you a lot of freedom to create a drip marketing campaign that will immediately connect with those who have a need of your product, leading to a higher conversion than other sales methods.

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