Exposing Your Email Address Online


Exposing Your Email Address Online

You hired a web designer to build your perfect site. You’ve created an environment of strategy and collaboration that meets the needs of you and your company, but what happens after launch? You could go your separate ways, and watch your web designer walk off into the sunset.

Or you could keep in touch and save yourself a lot of trouble later. You see, a website is never complete. It must have consistent maintenance to keep it current and relevant. Search engines like Google and Bing change their SEO requirements without notice, and your site may suffer. Between technology changes and trends in search requirements, maintaining a relationship with your designer is important.

In addition, your post-launch site may not work as planned. What happens if your shop kicks out an error to customers with certain types of android devices? What will you do if signing up for your newsletter kicks out an error on your site? Who will help you if things go wrong? What if your site asks if you want to update to a current software? When you say yes, it breaks things. Shopping cart, shop, and newsletter plug-ins are constantly updating. Keeping in touch with your designer will give you peace of mind.

Does your web designer have a way to keep in touch? Online tools make it easier than ever. Social media, email, newsletter subscriptions, phone calls, and more can be used.

Remember, you want a web designer who will keep you in the loop for upcoming trends, new plug-in options, and updates to critical pieces of your site. The bad news is that a website is never done, the good news is that simple maintenance is much more cost-effective than a complete site overhaul when it becomes out of date.

Keep in touch with your designer and you’ll stay ahead of the game.

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