Failing to Design for Mobile

Failing to Design for Mobile

Designing a website can be quite tricky. It is not all just about how great it looks on a regular desktop, it is also now important to design for a mobile platform as well. The usage of standard desktops has severely diminished over recent years by the general consumer and mobile is expanding exponentially. To deny that aspect of design would greatly affect the success of your website, because you will be also ignoring a large majority of consumers as well.

People are walking around with smartphones worth hundreds of dollars each and every day. That type of financial investment is hard to part with and rarely leaves a person’s side. There are an estimated 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide and in the United States alone 25% of mobile users are strictly mobile only and do not have access to a standard desktop. That is an entire quarter of our nation’s consumers that are not being reached if you do not adapt beyond desktop.

Now, a proper design for mobile is also key. If you create a mobile platform, but it is not user friendly then you will also run the risk of losing customers. Come up with a well thought out plan of action for your website and cater it towards those you believe will be utilizing it and make sure that the message you are trying to convey comes across clearly. Have you ever seen the websites that once viewed on your phone you have to zoom in to read the words or constantly scroll back and forth just to read a solid line of text? It can be a real pain to navigate. If you are creating a mobile platform you will want to avoid this type of design. It is also helpful to steer clear from flash plug ins and be sure that your mobile site is compatible with all popular web browsers. This will help eliminate a large majority of technical issues when using a mobile platform for your company.

Failing to design for mobile platforms can cause your website to lose a significant amount of traction and decrease your overall success. It is time to adjust and start incorporating mobile design into your site as well. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help with making this a reality for you and your business. We would be happy to help you succeed!

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