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September is Courtesy and Self Improvement Month 

Procrastination Day

In celebration of Courtesy and Self Improvement Month, it would be quite appropriate, to begin with, a topic as poignant as procrastination. What a better time to consider the fight against procrastination than with a project to address improvements for your new business. Use this time to assess some things you have been procrastinating on; website maintenance, website updates, and often forgotten Search Engine Optimization.

We all at one time or another deal with the procrastination monkey on our backs, but why not look at it as a chance to take care of some things that will increase and contribute to the growth of your business and sales. Consider the question of whether you want a global or local marketplace presence and what each option would do to help your bottom line. If you have had your website for more than 5 years it is a good idea to have a website maintenance contract in order to keep your presence on the web and accessible to all the new technology just around the corner of the development. However now that the consuming public is changing the way they search for services, your internet presence is more important now than it ever has been before. Since the new communication devices can interact with your website you need mobile optimization something that is a quick fix that will instantly widen your online market and presence.

Search Engine Optimization offers your customers less looking and more time to spend on your website. Growing your business these days has changed much and will continue to evolve as the technology improves and businesses have to keep up. As you know yellow page ads, newspapers and even magazines are becoming outdated for today’s consumer, your information has to be digital to appeal to the masses.  So today if your business lacks an effective internet presence, you could be missing out on thousands and possibly millions of potential customers.

So If you paid someone for a website that you discover later that doesn’t work, now is the time to stop procrastinating and get it up and running properly; your business future depends upon it, think about the reward when you get to retire and enjoy the fruits of all your hard work.


Staten Fuller


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