Forefather’s Day 2015

Forefather's Day4 lessons our forefather's would encourage us to learn from if they were living today in 2015.

In celebration of Forefathers’ Day 2015, I can think of 4 lessons the forefather’s would give us today. These lessons would be given to anyone wanting to improve their economic status and are considering starting a new small or medium sized business. Our nation has had a rough beginning but because of that struggle we have become one of the greatest nations on the planet.

It is my intention with this post to encourage anyone thinking of starting a business  to commit to  following the forefathers' lessons I think the forefather’s would give us if they were here today.

The first of these lessons is to be courageous; if you have a business idea, research it and go for it. Seek those of like mind and interest in the scope of your business and include them in your plan. These could be people with businesses that can help you get started and grow.  It does not matter what difficulties your business or organization faces developing networks and sharing the cost of starting a business can go a long way in sustaining your venture until you are on a firm footing.  If you believe in what you’re doing stick with it. If you don’t believe in your endeavor, find another path.

Second, be inventive and don’t be afraid to do new things. Ideas are what entrepreneurs use to find their wealth and as a new business owner you will have to have your own idea and use the one that resonates with you.  Third, learn on the job, if you consider how Microsoft got started you can assume the Gates made up a lot as he went along. But he learned by doing and adapted and made the big decisions when he needed to. Fourth, if you are going to run a company with employees, remember that the founding fathers led America to victory because they were a great team. Having an organization where everyone contributes using their skills and abilities making the task at hand more achievable with teamwork.

George Washington possessed such rare leadership qualities that he could keep enough of the army together to survive the winter at Valley Forge and constant retreats before a stronger foe. Thomas Jefferson had the intellect and writing skills that would create the Declaration of Independence. John Adams had the political skills necessary to shepherd the Declaration through the Continental Congress, secure financing for the war from the Dutch, and then negotiate a peace treaty with the British. James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay would play midwives to the Constitution.  Yet the most amazing writing on the structure of government in the history of mankind. Hamilton would later largely create the U.S. economy that  for all its current woes  is wondrous in its longevity, stability, and comfort for most Americans.

Please note that if we would like our forefathers' not to turn over in their graves, we must increase our courage, continue to invent, continue to learn on the job self-employed or other, and lastly remember if we do it as a team as a nation we will be stronger for it.

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