Forefathers Day


Forefathers Day

Few things are more important to Americans than heritage. It’s vital to remember where you’ve come from and how hard you worked to get where you are. Today is the perfect opportunity to look back on your small business and assess whether your forefathers would be proud of your work.

Forefathers Day is an important holiday because it lets us look back on our past and recognize the sacrifices of those who came before us.

Are you following in their tradition of a family owned small or medium sized business? If not, in what ways have you changed? It would be wonderful to create a timeline of achievement, especially in a family-owned multi-generation business.

Take this day to honor your forefathers and accept the changes in the world and your life that put you where you are. Define your purpose and stride forward with determination to set a legacy for your children.

Dedicate the positive actions of your life in the name of those in your past. When you honor your family, you honor yourself.

Learn the history of your family. If you’re the first person in your family to accomplish something (graduation, owning a business, owning a home, etc.), in what ways did your ancestors influence your accomplishments?

Build, give, or name something in their memory. History and heritage can appeal to many. If your customers and clients know that you value loyalty and history over expedience and automation, you may find a far more successful client and customer retention rate than ever (Did you know that it’s 60% harder to gain a new client or customer than to sell to an existing one?).

Publicly acknowledge the struggles your forefathers faced. Your entrepreneurial story doesn’t begin with you. It is generations deep, and steeped in a rich tapestry of struggle, failure, and success. Embrace your heritage and you may find a deeper meaning to the business you’ve created.

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