How a Website Upgrade Increases Your Google Ranking

If you’re looking to make your business website stand out from the rest, then you definitely have your work cut out for you. Today, there are millions of websites available and that means more competition for you.

When it comes to being found on the Internet by your potential customers, the biggest issue is going to be how easy it is to locate you with a search engine. In this manner, Google is still the king of Internet searches and if you don’t wind up on the first (or at least second) page of Google results, then you can basically forget about being found.

So, how do you manage to increase your Google ranking, thereby increasing your web traffic and customer flow? The key may be as simple as a website upgrade.

One of the things a website upgrade can do for you is to increase your page speed. This is a major key to Google’s ranking algorithm. They look at the loading speed of your site, literally the amount of time it takes for your website to fully load. This is because people online want their websites to load as quickly as possible. (No more than 5 seconds in most cases!)

If a site doesn’t load that fast, they move on. Google knows this and prioritizes the faster websites. An upgrade of your site will remove unnecessary code and plugins that may be slowing you down.

A lot of these plugins are unnecessary and if you’re using a basic template you will find that they are loaded down with lots of features and computer code you don’t need. All of this “weight” slows down the site and keeps your Google ranking low.

Getting a website upgrade can be of benefit because it can make your website “leaner” by streamlining its features. This will increase your page speed, which in turn, will increase your Google ranking for SEO purposes. And that will translate into more web traffic, potential customers, and sales for you. So, an outlay for a professional upgrade can actually pay for itself in no time.

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