Importance of Regular Back-Ups


Importance of Regular Back-Ups

How often do you back up your systems? Even if you do back them up fairly often, you may not be doing it enough. Getting into a routine of regularly securing your data and cleaning out your systems will help ensure that you do not lose important information and keep you and your business protected. It is recommended to run your backups at least once a week and if possible every 24 hours for optimal protection.

What can happen if you do not back up your date? Is it really that important to do on a weekly if not daily basis? Why? The most obvious would likely be that you do not want to lose important data that you have stored in your systems. Backing up each week on an external hard drive or other storage device allows you to retain a copy of all of your records in the event that your systems crash or are destroyed. We recommend keeping these backups in a secure location, either in a lock box or fire safe. Do not share where you store your data, except with those that are on a need to know basis. Losing valuable information can be detrimental to the functionality of your business as well as cause nervousness with your clients.

Not only is it important to back up your data to preserve your information, but also because each day there are hundreds if not thousands of new computer viruses are being developed. These viruses are designed to infiltrate your system, steal your information, and destroy your servers and equipment. These hackers do not have your best interest in mind and are only interested in what they can do with your stolen data. When you back up your system, it allows you to identify any Trojans or other hackers quickly without losing your information or them completely destroying your systems. These entities can use your stolen information to commit fraud, put your customers at risk, and even cause the financial ruin of your business. Installing Malware software or a CCleaner on your device will help cut back on some of these viruses and aid in removing the threat.

Being proactive and cautious will help prevent these devastating issues from developing and keep you and your business running smoothly. Try setting calendar reminders to help you keep up with these weekly backups and help you continue to be successful at what you do.

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