Independence Day

july4Independence Day in the United States

The Biggest Birthday Celebration in the World Independence Day in the United States is by far the most important national holiday of the year. While the fanfare is dwarfed by mega holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Independence Day is one of those days that the country and its people need, especially in complicated times such as the 21st century. Commonly known as the Fourth of July or July 4th, Independence Day brings American people together in a way that not many other holidays can. How will you celebrate this year? Independence Day is commonly associated with barbecues, picnics, concerts, carnivals, parades, fireworks, family reunions, political speeches and ceremonies.

Of national importance is the fact that The United States is a fairly young country, and the original birthday of the US was actually not that long ago. In 1776, the original thirteen states came together and separated from England with the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4. During this time, the brave Founding Fathers knew that the future ahead would be full of danger and risk to themselves and their families, but the importance of the country was greater than any one person.
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