International Shareware Day


International Shareware Day

The second Saturday of December is International Shareware Day. While shareware and freeware have evolved dramatically, the same principles still apply.

Today, on International Shareware Day, take the time to look through your apps and software that makes your life better. Do you have a free piece of software that you can’t imagine doing without? What about a phenomenal piece of software you picked up at a massive discount during a sale? I know I do.

Go to the websites of these app and software makers and give your love. Programmers are the unsung heroes that make our lives easier in every possible way. They’ve spent days (and in some cases years) developing and updating software to meet your needs.

Consider donating the cost of a cup of coffee to your favorite app developer, or, if you’re a huge fan of their work, why not buy your favorite app for a friend? I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Remember that programmers need to pay their bills too. If you want them to keep updating your favorite software indefinitely, help support their efforts.

And if you’re in the market to take your productivity up a notch for 2017, here is a list of favorite productivity apps from 2016. A collaborative (or personal) task-management app. Available for iOS, Android, and Chrome. My favorite part of the app is the “ Moment”. It nudges you to make a habit by reviewing your daily tasks first thing in the morning. This helps you focus on your day and not be surprised by meetings and appointments you may have forgotten about. Cost: Free.

Asana: Collaborative Workplace Management Tool that helps keep your team on track. Cost: Free (can upgrade to premium for a nominal cost).

Evernote: Note-taking app, voice memos, photos, and more can be stored, worked, shared, etc. using Evernote. This is a go-to app for research and planning as you can keep all your notes in one place. Cost: Free (upgradable plans give you more space and cloud capability).

Stayfocusd: Stayfocusd keeps you distraction-free by blocking distracting websites for a limited time of day (or time limit). It’s very simple to use. Cost: Free

Trello: My preferred collaborative workplace management tool. The card system is designed to make task management so much easier using the Kanban-style of project management. Cost: Free (can upgrade)

These are just some of the amazing software and apps out there developed just for people like you and me and maintained by programmers. Show your love for the amazing programmers in your life today.

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