Is Your Website Updated? Do You Need Website Security Audit?

In the fast-paced technology industry, it’s important to always stay up-to-date with new developments and trends. Once you create a website for your business, you can’t just leave it out there and hope for the best.

You have to update it regularly, so it stays functional. Part of this updating is to run occasional website security audits.

Here’s how you can do that:


  • Change your passwords—Passwords should be updated regularly. You shouldn’t wait until you are hacked to do an update. By changing up to secure, strong passwords regularly, you will stay one step ahead of the hackers.



  • Delete old accounts and files—If you have had former employees leave the company, then their access to your website needs to be deleted to prevent tampering. Additionally, this is a great time to clear out old, unused files from your server that may be taking up valuable storage space.


  • Get an SSL—If you haven’t already done this, it is important to get an SSL certificate. This will encrypt data when it is sent between two or more computers. That way, if the data (such as credit card numbers) are intercepted by hackers they won’t be able to decipher the information. SSL certificates are an easily added extra layer of security.

Website security is of the utmost importance when running a business online. If your site becomes compromised, it can set your business back millions in lost sales and customer trust. A security update could be the perfect thing to do today.

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