Joke’s Day

Jokes Day Smiley FaceDon’t let your business website be the joke of the industry you serve.

Is your website a Joke? Are you getting convertible sales from your current website? Was your website professionally built and at a reasonable and cost effective price? When was the last time you actually took the time to figure out if your website is worth having up? Have you considered having a consultation to answer questions you should have when it comes to the marketing and a sales pipeline approach for growing your business? Paying attention to the sales results of your website is important to the success of your new small or medium sized business venture.

A website is necessary for a business to have online marketing because it generates for you E-Commerce, or brick and mortar business with infinite growth potential and worldwide market options. Have you considered some website maintenance for your aging site.? Has it been Search Engine Optimized? Do you know what conversion rates are? Are your site visits converting into sales? Is your website among those that people are laughing at? Have you missed a sale because your site inadvertently would not let the visitor do something like add an item to the shopping cart?

The other problems that would make your website laughable are as follows; broken E-mail, no call to action, or just a site that poorly designed and unusable. These are just a few of some of the things I have seen and I did just recently laugh hysterically at a poorly functioning site. Don't get caught with your pants down, do your due diligence research and do it right the first time. Utilize professionals in the industry you can trust. Ultimately you are asking why should you care? Quite simply because you are losing business and eliminating many opportunities to have and keep a successful business in the 21st century marketplace.

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