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colorful-circle-designs_X1iwZf_LcirclesCircles and Business Cycles


Circles are all around us, they are in us and  apart of us . The study of the mathematical properties of the circle is not what this article is about but how circles influence our lives and business. If you would like to see how circles can be fun I suggest checking out the website  called Prezi that gives some interesting facts about the circle.

In the world of business, circles are everywhere; take a look around you and you will see this. Maybe you work in a office where the work spaces are divided into cubicles; or perhaps you run a business that utilizes a system based upon work cycles. A circle is most referred to in business as cycles of production, payroll cycles, or client generation cycles. In thinking about circles I am reminded of why circles in business are important. The circle can be a networking tool used within a cycle for marketing and email promotions. The circle in networking can be a business 2 business tool in sales, marketing, special promotions or just getting to know who and what your competitors are doing. I think the cycle circle is best suited when using a( CRM) customer relations manager system where marketing promotions, sales,  client retention, and generation serve the purpose of staying organized in your small business sales strategy. There are many companies out there that will get you started in this process but the cost will vary depending upon the functionality of the program  you choose. I suggest CR Conversations a smaller company that can give you the specialized help you may need especially if you are a new small or medium sized business.

I am a fan of using the business 2 business model to get your company off to a good start, so as a refresher find yourself a business coach, and a social media professional because they can be a tremendous help in getting you where you want to be; a successful new business owner. There is one more source to round out your marketing strategy, and that would be the use of this wonderful marketing and sales arm called experience pros where you create your company profile and in the process make it easier for any and all to check your company out and write reviews which always help people make informed purchasing decisions.




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