The Lowdown on Email Troubleshooting


The Lowdown on Email Troubleshooting

As a small business, email is an important communication tool between you and your clients. What do you do when your emails are no longer sending? Here is some low down on how to establish the cause of your email melt downs before calling the professionals in. These steps can be used for both webmail and 3rd party email clients. Before you begin, check that the emails are downloading or sending from the webmail dashboard. Some email accounts are set up so if you access them through a 3rd party email client they will be downloaded off from the email server and not exist on the server anymore. Also, check that your email provider is not having any issues on their side. This information will typically be found on their website.

Start off by double checking your internet connection. Check your internet access settings on your laptop, or desktop for a connection, if you can access websites not cached on your device then you are connected. Next you need to check the speed. Use SpeedTest to determine the speed in which you are accessing the internet.  SpeedTest will ping the nearest internet access server and will provide you with both a download and an upload speed.

The preferred speed is 1MBps (megabytes per second), anything lower than this and you will suffer intermittent issues with, not just your email, but with any internet access you require. Low MBps can be fixed various ways. Perhaps moving closer to your router or upgrading the service from your provider will be the solution to your problem.

If your internet speed is great and you still have no access, check your POP/IMAP settings. These can be found in your email provider cPanel and in your email client settings. If they do not match, then update them. Be sure to check not just username and password but all the server details, including options such as ‘Log on using Secure Password Authentication’.

If they do match, you could be experiencing a filled disk quota. Accessing your emails cPanel through your provider will show you exactly how much disk space you have in total, and how much is used. A quick sure way to create more space is to delete or archive old emails. Empty out your bin, and clear away junk emails on a regular basis to avoid filling your quota again.

For those using Outlook or Outlook Express, this website walks you through the steps to troubleshoot your malfunctioning email. Each email client will have their own troubleshooting page that you can start from.

Upon following the above steps and not getting anywhere then it will be time to call in the experts to take a deeper look. If digging into the hardware logistics of your system makes your nervous – or if you’d rather not take the time to troubleshoot on your own – give us a call so we can get you back up to speed with your email.

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