Mad Hatter’s Day

Jokes Day Smiley Face Celebrate Mad Hatter's Day,

Be silly and enjoy the child in you. Take a drink from the fountain of youth again.

You know every now and then you just need to let it go and let your silly side shine. There are  many benefits to doing this, and the results are instantaneous. I can't believe people are too uptight to let their kid silliness shine through. If you work for or run a stressful business, a  day for you to mark on the office calendar   is "Mad Hatters Day" held each October 6th. Think of it as the warm up to Halloween; make it a day of fun by dressing up in silly costumes with humor as the theme. The objective is to make it a day of silliness or a return to the fountain of youth for a drink. Since Mad Hatters day is almost six months from April Fool's day this gives you the opportunity to have two days a year when fun and games can keep the business atmosphere stress free. Following  are some ways to do this but keep this in mind;don't be rude to anyone, be gentle.

1. Wear your clothes in a different way. For example if you usually wear rugged or casual , try wearing a suite and tie. The idea here is to be opposite of what you normally wear shock people by showing a different side of yourself.

2. Wear Top Hats to work, wear it for just this day, people will think you are a magician .

3. Set up a spot for a tea party in your break room. Make it a comedy club for just a day, give gag gifts that will make the recipient blush or better yet laugh uncontrollably.

Some things you could do with your customers is have a Mad Hatter's Day special. Tell a joke, make me laugh get 5% off purchase price. Announce, come in in a Top Hat and get 10% off. Come in dressed in costume with your company theme and get 20% off. Doing this sort of thing works twofold; cheap marketing and building customer loyalty. The other benefit is that you are creating buzz about your business, and that means word of mouth or the potential material for video marketing. This marketing strategy or tool creates opportunities for you to sell your business while at the same time building your brand getting the word out via your customers talking about their experience with your business. Remember your Social Media marketing angle.




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