Memorial Day for Workers

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As a new small business we can especially understand the need for the paying tribute to the workers of the world. I know when we usually hear of Memorial Day we think of our veterans. But in this case we are going to focus on the workers of the world who build great things we as a society tend to take for granted. In war we memorialize our veterans, usually for their lives lost during war. In the case of the worker it seems no respect is given. Workers lose their lives just as veterans lose their lives. The reason for this post is to point out some reasons we need to celebrate the achievements of workers of the past and present who contribute to the life and ease of today's lifestyle.

The acronym I'll use, the 3 C's, ranked in order of significance for the small business to adequately tap into.

  • Convenience Reflect on the daily chores we can do from home that just 10 years ago we had to get in cars to get done.
  • Communication We have gone from reliance on snail mail, to instant email messaging, from dialing a phone to a touch screen device, from a bulky answering machine to voice mail. I would be remiss to not mention Social Media, and all the new forms of information transfer and storage.
  • Consumerism  As consumers we have never had as much power in how we purchase the things needed in life.

I believe most new small business is providing a convenience in some way: whether it be for the average consumer or the business consumer with business to business connections as a part of its business plan. We call this networking and getting things done. The second C, in this observance, is Communication and how new businesses do it today versus even 10 years ago. Communication for business today is not only inter-office communication but the company relying upon the new marketing strategies available to businesses wanting to have the largest consumer audience for their particular product. The cheapest way to do this today is through Social Media venues; and their are a lot of them. One way to maximize communication to your potential audience is to make your presence in as many platforms as possible. It's called building your tribe. The third C in the three C's for the new small business is Consumerism. You must know your current audience and your potential audience. Having a good idea of who your audience is should help you with your logo and brand building efforts. In retrospect, to the title for this post there are many people involved in the operation of business and let us not forget the value of people; the workers making all of this business building process work so that we can strive for better lives for our families.


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