How Does Mobile Design Affect Browser Search Speed?

This month Google will make good on its promised “Speed Update.” The change is significant as it could mean that if your website is slow, then it could be downranked. The announcement came as no big surprise to industry watchers as the search giant has been placing a premium on speed for a while. But it is significant.

What makes it even more significant is that it applies not just to desktop performance, but to mobile as well. This is a bit of a change in focus, and it signals recognition of the fact that more and more search is being done on mobile. In other words, if you have a website, it better be responsive, and it better be fast.

What Affects Load Speed?

A lot of factors go into determining the speed of your page. How many elements are on a page, how well-optimized page images are, and the number of images you have can all have an impact. Other technical factors can make a significant difference in load time, particularly whether or not external code must be called before loading. So you’d better be doing some top-notch optimization and monitoring how your mobile site is responding since nothing can kill your position in search rankings quicker than a downrank.

Keeping Up With Google

There is no question that it’s hard to keep up with the fast-changing world of SEO. It doesn’t help that it seems like Google is always changing the rules. To be fair, many of their changes are in response to the way users consume data. After all, it’s not Google’s fault that mobile now surpasses desktop in traffic. It’s also not their fault that people are more likely to bounce if they have to wait for a page to load. You probably do that yourself.

Develop A Strategy

Of course, knowing why changes are being made doesn’t make it any easier. It just means that you need to develop a strategy for dealing with it. In this case, your strategy needs to be two prong. The first part is behind the scenes—how well your site works. The second part relates to content. How you use images, how your content is formatted for mobile as opposed to desktop, and deciding what elements should be included for each platform can all make a difference. Sure, it will require a resource investment, but it will be worth it if your users can find your pages and engage with them.

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