National Tell a Story Day

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 Connect with your customer, share with them why you do what you do. 

I want to begin by saying that I love this topic, and not because I like talking about myself and what I do, but because I want businesses to be able to talk about themselves, thus helping them to establish their brand and create a tribe.  This can only  be done by the owner of the business of course. Being apart of a new small business  I'm pretty positive you've had this conversation with someone you've encountered as you worked your way thru the bureaucracy, and trials  of getting your business up and running . How did you come up with your logo? Is it from some aspect of your life? What is it about it that gives it your personal signature? These are just a few of the questions one needs to answer when embarking on the journey of building your brand.  A great way to do this is through a company blog or newsletter. It helps  tremendously if you have the help of a couple of professionals that can help you with this aspect of your business starting out. By doing this, you are creating a network of other business owners that can work with you as you and them grow your business from a small business to a medium size business of course adding to your bottom line.

As social media has grown so has the need for your business to have a presence on it. Utilizing this business tool helps you in so many ways from a marketing stand point to a networking tool to generate business the old fashion way smashing hands (handshake). A social media adviser can help you build out your social media platforms using the numerous ways to connect these days. Whether it be LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter, Google +, or YouTube, a social media professional will be of immense help to you. With their help you can generate quality traffic from relevant sites thereby increasing your sales lead generation and again your bottom line.

Depending upon the type of business you have will help direct you to the best platform for you to get started with. There is another option out there to help you develop content for your business marketing plans. There are web tools that can also help you with customer content, generation as well as sales protocols and follow up. There are even companies out there that will set up the (CRMS)or you. Customer Relations Management Systems. They help you with the sales and marketing of your company. The best business tool since the introduction of the  computer in my opinion . So to sum it up, telling your story can be done many ways, but the best starting point is to contact a professional who can get you focused and on the right track.

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