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Do a visual audit of your website checking for chaos. If you are a video gamer you are probably used to looking at movement action-packed screens while playing games.  That is fine if you are a part of the gaming nation; however, a business website to appeal to the masses should be clear, visually pleasing and not too distracting from the product or service you are promoting. Keep this in mind when considering a WebSite design company or when doing it yourself. Remember a lot of moving things does not keep the attention of your visitor or allow them the freedom to read without distraction. Remember the wide array of ages that will view your site, and I would be remiss not to mention that in the US the baby boomer generation is linked in and you do want to appeal to them.

When the visual audit is done, really be honest with yourself. Do you need help, the kind of help that will get you focused and on a trajectory of upward growth in your business? If you will recall in a previous series post Tools for Small Business, I suggested the use of a Business Coach/ Accountability Partner, this could be one of those times when a partner can join you in taking a serious look at how you are running your business and give you the professional advice you need to take back control of your business from the throws of chaos and dysfunction.

I believe much can be learned through this accountability process while at the same time helping you to understand the business venture you have embarked upon. The self-improvement gained will help you not only with the looks of your new business website, but will focus you on proper branding which is extremely important when you reach the SEO phase of your website and blog.

Remember if you are in the business of video games by all means your website needs to be dynamic, but always consider your audience when designing it. Proper presentations with proper content make for an easy to read and navigable website that all can and will enjoy.

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