National Women’s Friendship Day






National Women’s Friendship Day, a time to reflect upon the relationship you and your business has with women. In this humble person’s opinion, it is a great time for women-owned business and for you to be involved with them. Women have not yet reached income parity with men in the corporate world but the ownership of a business makes the playing field a bit more level. The marketplace for women is so large that for anyone not to be interested in that market is silently committing business suicide.   I personally believe women are the fuel of our economy and this is why I advocate that playing field leveled. This is the reason I feel that as a part of the self-improvement series, it would be negligent not to address self-improvement without a mention of how women can benefit more than their male counterparts in small business development and ownership of course using tools.

The upward mobility of women has been driven by the change from women entering the work force, to women leaving the workforce because they would rather be at home, but not as homemakers. Technology has opened many doors to those women who were virtually shut out of the economy or limited to the consumer side and not as small business owners. The difference today is that even though they choose to be home, they are not following the tradition of the homemaker but that of the entrepreneur. It seems that women have in the last 20 years started businesses at a higher rate than men. It is said that women are expected to or will create over half of the 9.72 million new small business jobs expected to be created by 2018. More and more women are doing this from home and virtual offices across the country. Come and get a piece of that humble pie.

So help yourself and a fellow new small business owner and find yourself some networking groups that will introduce you to other like-minded business owners that can help you to some Link Building and grow your b2b business relationships. The small business support groups of the 21st century.

For those business owners who are already up and running, perhaps now is the time for you to check out Social Media. It’s new and cost-effective and can be an excellent way of connecting with your customers and staying visible by spreading word of mouth marketing using the vast social media networks online.    So the phrase of the day is to help others and they will want to help you.


Staten Fuller


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