National You’re Welcome Day

Thank You Computer Key As Internet Thanks Message

Thank You Computer Key As Internet Thanks Message

Build your tribe with the courtesy circle, please, thank you, and you're welcome.

A day that  encourages us to simply say you're welcome when someone says thank you. I don't know about you but if I patronize a business and make a purchase, I have come to believe that saying You're Welcome after someone says Thanks you is a common courtesy; a customary practice to thank you for your business. If I am not thanked it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and I will not patronize the business again. It makes me feel like you are taking my business for granted.

In today's economy there are many choices for consumers and the competition  stiff so why  do something to a potential life long customer that would make them not want to patronize your business again. A simple thank you from them and a simple You're welcome from you. Good manners go a long way for a first impression.  For something as simple as a thank you please come again. There is a lot to be said about giving personal customer service in  that it builds loyalty ; a friendly please, thank you and you're welcome can go a long way to making the customer feel wanted and appreciated. It is back to the idea that first impressions last and you want your business to be remembered as a friendly and a customer service driven  business that wants your repeat business.  With the rise of social media you do not want to take a chance that someone is secret shopping you to either praise your service or to shame your performance . People talk and you do not want to be on someones bad side because with Facebook and the Better Business Bureau, the word travels fast and can affect your bottom line very quickly.   This is also why it is important to keep your business image online clean and without unnecessary blemishes. I guess the moral of the story is to make sure your front of the house employees always smile and greet your customers with warmth and respect. This golden rule will assist you in building a loyal customer base and also grow your business with great word of mouth free marketing.



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