Navigation is the Most Important Aspect of Website Design

When developing a website there are many things to consider. It is easy to get lost in ensuring that all of your content is there but it is important to make sure that your website is easily navigable. Without good website navigation, your site may never get seen. Navigability is easily forgotten when it comes to web design but in reality, navigability is the most important aspect of web design, here’s why:

You’ll lose traffic

If your website is unnavigable, it might deter some less internet savy people from finding what they are looking for. An effective navigational structure will increase usability and lessen the chances of people leaving your site when they find it is too hard to get what they are searching for. By having an unnavigable site, your consumers will spend less time on your site and your bounce rate will decrease.

You will decrease your credibility

People are weary of the dangers of the internet and when they are on a site and get the sense that something is not right, they are more likely to leave your site and never return. You will lose the consumer’s trust if your site isn’t easy to use. Consumers want to shop from credible sites and the easier to use, the more credible your site appears.

You won’t be seen

Your website may be up and ready to go but if your navigation software isn’t compatible with all interfaces, you could be missing out on some valuable consumers. HTML or JavaScript are recommended for website navigability because it works best on all browsers.

You’ll have no returning customers

The website viewer should always know where they are and how they got there in order to do that again. If the consumer had a difficult time to navigate your website the first time, they are less likely to return to your site in the future or even recommend it to their friends.

Navigability is the most important aspect of web design. If the consumer cannot figure out how to get to a certain page then you are losing traffic to the desired page. It is necessary to evaluate your website’s navigability to ensure that you aren’t making these mistakes.

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