The Possible Problems with Visual Builders

Whether you run a company website or a personal blog, it is important that your web page load quickly. Many users expect that a web page should load within two to three seconds and if it doesn’t then they will visit another website to find what they are looking for.

Unfortunately, this will usually mean losing business to one of your competitors. If you are using a visual builder to put together your website, then you could actually wind up hurting your web page by needlessly slowing it down.

Here are some ways to handle page speed problems associated with visual builders:

  • Plugins—One of the biggest issues that will slow down your page is plugins. Many times, you install these plugins without realizing that, like prescription medicines, they don’t mix well with others. Also, sometimes these plugins will have bugs in them that will cause speed problems. To fix this, you should start by getting rid of any plugins you don’t need or use. With the remaining plugins, deactivate them one at a time. Once you have deactivated one, test the webpage to see if it loads more quickly. If it does, then you may have found your culprit.
  • HostingWeb hosting services can also be the cause of speed issues, especially if you are on a shared server with a website whose traffic spikes could be slowing you down. If this is the case, you may wish to switch to a VPS system or go with a different (and better) web hosting service altogether.
  • Feature Heavy Themes—Lastly, one of the “big three” when it comes to speed issues is a theme that doesn’t meet your needs. If you have chosen a WordPress theme that is heavy on special features, then it will take longer to load. You may wish to review these features to see if you actually need and use them. If not, switching to a simpler theme ought to speed things up.

Visual builders can be a great opportunity for those who are not very tech savvy to build their own websites. However, if you overload your website with plugins and special features, or host it on a server that is inadequate, then your site will be significantly slowed down. By taking the above actions, though, you can increase your website’s speed and get it moving much faster.

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