Receptionists Day

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May 11th Receptionists Day

Receptionists Day is dedicated to reflecting the importance and hard work of receptionists worldwide. As business owners it may require that your business employ someone responsible for greeting and making customers feel welcome. Traditionally receptionists would perform that duty by sitting at a desk or counter ready to receive the customer and direct your call  to where it needs to go. If you are a new small business there are options for reception services that will allow your potential customers have a good experience. These services are now called Virtual Offices, and Virtual Assistants. In my opinion these services will replace the traditional receptionist so we should appreciate them while they are still with us in the work force. Remember they are the face of your business and a good first impression is a lasting experience and  will stay with that consumer... and they have friends.

Isn't it funny how the profession of Secretary has changed to Administrative Assistant? Or how Janitor has changed to Environmental Engineer? In the first case it was necessary to adapt due to the booming technology industry; but with the Janitor the name change probably is because of political correctness. The point is that Entrepreneurs and new small business owners have to operate with technology  sales demands that just 20 years ago did not exist. This is the reason small businesses need to work together in localized networks, utilizing all the tools available to small business owners. Create your own tribe, a business coach, networking group, or a sales follow up strategy consultant, and last but not least a social media manager or service. The most important tool to use is the service of a caring affordable web designer and maintenance company.



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