Renewing Your Domain Name Annually

You are a website superstar. You purchased your domain name, published content, and have even started to generate revenue! Things are running smoothly, and you’re sure you’ve got everything under control. But have you remembered that you’ll need to renew your domain name in the future? It’s a common misconception that once you own your domain name, you own it forever. This is not the case. You must renew your domain name after specified amounts of time or else you could risk the serious consequences . If you forget to put the renewal of your domain name onto a calendar, you risk having another company buy your domain name from under you. This could lead to a huge branding issue and potentially lose you sales. Even some of the largest companies have had issues with forgetting to renew their domain name, resulting in someone else owning their domain name. Don’t let someone snap up your domain name! Here are some tips to make sure you never miss a renewal:

Create a Calendar Reminder

It can be hard to keep up with your domain name renewal dates if you don’t write them down. There are many services and apps you can use to send you reminders of important deadlines. You may have an incredible memory but it is always a good idea to write down important dates like these.

Hire a Website Solutions Provider

There are many professional services that assist companies with all of their IT needs, including domain renewal. It is easy to ignore emails pertaining to your domain name and miss out on the opportunity to renew your name. If you choose to go with a professional web design company, they will usually try to contact you via phone and make sure that you would like to renew the domain name so that it doesn’t get picked up by someone else. This type of accountability is vital for people who tend to forget important dates.

Ensure Your Renewal Process is Legitimate

Many spam email companies have resorted to sending out fake domain name renewal emails in order to get personal information from strangers. If you receive an email notice about renewing your domain name, make sure you check (and recheck!) that the sender is legitimate, and you’re not being scammed.

When renewal dates get missed, it leaves the door open for another company to buy your domain name. This can leave you with marketing materials advertising an outdated domain name and missed sales from prospective customers who visit your disconnected website. Your company’s reputation depends upon its domain name so it is vital that you don’t forget to renew!

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