Roof Over Your Head Day


Roof Over Your Head Day

It is easy to take for granted the fortunes we have in life: family, friends, a roof over our head, and our business success. Roof Over Your Head Day is a holiday designed to make you take stock in your life and look back on the blessings in it, to appreciate the little luxuries you enjoy.

In the spirit of this holiday, take the time to be thankful for your entrepreneurial drive and share your gifts with others. Teach others what you’ve learned. We lift each other up as we rise, so use this day as a way to reach out and show them that there is hope for financial security and self-sufficiency in an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

The entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset that actively seeks change while embracing innovation, service, and continuous improvement. We must also embrace it so that we don’t become complacent or create complexities that stifle the spirit of creativity.

Use this day as an opportunity to reconnect with that drive and rejuvenate your process. Here are some ways helping others can help you appreciate the life you’ve built:

  1. Mentorship among entrepreneurs can help you see blocks where you may have a blind eye. And the mentorship isn’t limited to you teaching another. You can learn something of value from every person and business you come across.
  2. It infuses the spirit with a sense of giving back to the world. How many times did a blog post, podcast, video, book, or other form of communication from another entrepreneur help you on your path to success?
  3. Networking is an important part of being an entrepreneur. We can’t live in our own shell and stay in our lane without growing stagnant in business. The Entrepreneurial mindset is one in which innovation and change is embraced. Investing time in others will help you step out of your comfort zone for a while. The refreshing perspective (and enthusiasm) can do wonders to stoke the fires of creativity within you.

Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by. Celebrate Roof Over Your Head Day, and you may find another entrepreneurial calling that you didn’t expect.

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