Social Media Marketing & the Impact On Your Website


Social Media Marketing & the Impact On Your Website

The rise of social media and its popularity makes it a useful tool to promote your brand and your website. There is no point, however, having a social media account for your business unless you have a plan of how you are going to use it to capture the attention of your niche audience. Endless promotion on your Facebook and Twitter aren’t likely to get you the attention you want or need. Social media is only a good tool if used efficiently and with a purpose in my mind. There are several methods professionals use to gain clicks from those who browse their social media posts and images.

Provide Great Content

Individuals use their social media profiles to not only interact with friends but also to share content they believe will interest those they are connecting with. These friends are all a potential audience if they find your content interesting and useful. If you want content to be shared you should make it easy for people to do so. Usually, you can easily add social media icons to the bottom of blog posts to make the posts easy to share with a single click. The more of your content that is shared the greater your influence is seen by the search engines, leading to a higher ranking and more chance of a potential customer finding you. It also finds you a dedicated audience interested in what you are sharing and what you have to offer.

Start a Conversation

People look to social media to have discussions with like-minded people. Your social media account should not only try and interact with them in a promotional way but in a way where they feel involved and included in your message and community. People will respond better to posts which inspire, which shows the human aspect of your business and which gives them the opportunity to share their opinion. Your posts can target your specific niche and give people an idea of the purpose of your business and the character of the person running it. Consider your target audience as you create each post and bit of content. As a business owner, this means being authentic and sharing different aspects of your individual outlook and interests. A conversation started on your social media page can lead to a person seeking out your webpage where the conversation can be continued.

Make it Easy to Find You

Potential customers are using social media to search for businesses on social media websites to find out more about the business and whether they should use their services. A busy and engaging social media profile will demonstrate to them that your business is trustworthy and suitable to hire for what they need. It, therefore, is important to be a part of the social networks where people will be searching for your business. This might include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+, depending on your business strategy. If you are a member of all the main social media networks then there is more opportunity for a potential customer to click on the link to your website and you will have another chance to make a sale.

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