Social Media Marketing and the Social Power Program Benefits For New and Small Businesses

We are all familiar with social media—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. In fact, it’s a pretty good bet that you have more than one social media account that you check in on from time to time. But are you using social media marketing for your business? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your customers, spread the word about your products or services, and improve your business relationships.

To say this in a little stronger way—you need a social media marketing strategy, and you need it now! This is especially true if your business is new or if you have a small business. If you still aren’t convinced, consider the fact that one billion (yes, one billion) people use Facebook every month and a half a billion people use Twitter. So if you’re not out there, you are getting left behind.

There are lots of ways to approach social media. No matter how you decide to tackle it there are things you can do to help create an effective strategy:

  • Focus on Quality: It’s great to have a million followers, but if they aren’t engaging with your content then it can be a waste of resources.
  • Be Consistent: Set a plan that you can achieve on a regular basis. If you are short on resources, it’s better to plan to post monthly and stick to the plan than to set a more ambitious goal that you can’t meet. You will still need to respond to those who engage so be sure not to overextend
  • Plan for Growth: It’s ok to start out slow and work up to it. It’s ok to dip your toe in before jumping in completely. The important thing is that you make it a priority and stick with it.
  • Show Appreciation: Use your social media pages to say thank you to your customers and those who comment, respond, or review your business. A little gratitude can go a long way.
  • Get Help: You are a specialist in your business, not a social media pro. If you need help, get help. It will be well worth it. If you decide it’s time to hire someone to take on the task, spend a little time learning about what you need and take your time looking for the right person. (com)

If you are new to social media, take advantage of some of the training tools that are available. Our recommendation is definitely for the Social Power Program, an online course that can help you learn more about the fundamentals of social media and how to develop and implement a strategy. We can’t brag enough about the value this course offers and what it’s done for our own business.

Social media is no longer just for the big guys. With a little homework, some planning, and lots of patience, you can develop an effective social media strategy.

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