Social Media and Your Website: What You Should Know

Social media will continue to be an integral part of society. Initially reserved for the masses, corporations have been using any and all social media platforms to stretch their reach to the consumer. Now it’s the little guy’s turn. The question is, which platform should they be using to drive customers to their products?

The top 4 social media platforms in the US are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest (we are excluding messaging services). Combined they have over 550 million active users monthly; the audience is there, but how do you know where to put your focus?

We’re going to break down these platforms to help you determine which is right for your business or website.


Facebook is, without a doubt, the king of kings when it comes to social media. When it comes to marketing your website or business, Facebook is a great way to interact with your customers. Customers can message you directly, post reviews on your page, view business hours, pictures, other reviews, etc.

Facebook also has a business page setting to keep it separate from your personal page which is great for peace of mind and organization. Because of the flexibility of Facebook, it’s good for just about all businesses. However, if your business translates to video well you are in better shape than most.


Once mocked for being just pictures of what users were about to eat, Instagram has become an extremely lucrative way to make money and direct people towards your website or business. Being a purely visual platform, it makes sense that what you’re selling should be shown.

Photographers, graphic designers, and companies that make their own products are best suited for Instagram, while businesses such as legal or accounting firms have a hard time truly engaging their audience on this platform. However, it’s not all lost for them. Paying influencers is another way to get your name out there and reach a massive audience, although it can cost you a pretty penny.


Short and tweet, er, sweet. Since its creation, Twitter has seen some of the biggest events in world news break first on their platform. It invented the hashtag and follow, and allowed anybody to go viral with a simple click. If you are a business that has a service or product that doesn’t necessarily need to be displayed, this is the platform for you.

While videos and pictures are allowed on the platform, text remains the choice of communication with most users. With a limit on tweets smaller than other platforms, characters are important. Sticking within the limit allows customers to know what it is you’re selling, why they need it, and how they can get it, in a quick and effortless manner.


Not necessarily new to the game, nor a frontrunner, is Pinterest. Using Pinterest for your business allows you to add tags to your products. Unlike Twitter or Instagram, the display of Pinterest tags benefits the product more. When you search for an item, a large board of all types of that item comes up. They display the item name and business.

Once the item is clicked on, your website is displayed encouraging the customer to go to your website. This is all good, as it drives views and customers to your site. Another bright spot is pinners want to connect with businesses! If you have a business that creates custom pieces, this is your go-to.

The best way to go about social media and driving traffic to your website is to use as many platforms as you can. This increases your reach and your audience. However, make sure that what you are posting is relevant and can be useful for that platform.

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