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Is Your Website Updated? Do You Need Website Security Audit?

In the fast-paced technology industry, it’s important to always stay up-to-date with new developments and trends. Once you create a website for your business, you can’t just leave it out there and hope for the best. You have to update

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Hackers on the Rise: How to Protect Yourself from the Endless Onslaught of Spoof Email

While most email services have a good eye when it comes to filtering out spam and fake emails, sometimes they can get past the filters and into your inbox. It is not common for this to happen, but it does,

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Is Your Business Using Technology Devices in a Secured Manner?

Integrating new device technology into your workplace is a great way to streamline business and stay current. However, with the benefits these new devices bring also come new security risks. When adding more devices to your network, you add more

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Time to Change Your Passwords

For years now, we have been told that we must protect our passwords in order to keep our online profiles safe and secure. We’ve been told that changing our passwords regularly will ensure that hackers cannot get to them. Some

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Passwords and Forgotten Usernames

Passwords and Forgotten Usernames We’ve talked before about the importance of creating a solid and secure password. Forgetting your password is more common than you think, but what happens when it’s a username you’ve forgotten? In order to regain a

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SSL Certificates – What? Why? How?

SSL Certificates - What? Why? How? Times are changing and in 2017 a significant change is the importance of SSL certificates. Search engines are making them a priority and privacy laws require any information provided to your business to be

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