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Possible Issues When Updating Your Website

It’s most frustrating working like crazy to update your website, putting in hours of hard work, and then as you go live, it crashes on you. Yes, there can be problems with updating your website. Sometimes it may feel like

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Why Your Website Should Have a Template

When it comes to putting together a website, many of us don’t have the time, energy, or computer coding know-how to create an elaborate, intricate site. Instead, we want something basic and functional—something that will get the job done. One

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SSL Certificates and Content Management Systems

If you run your own e-commerce website, then you probably know about SSL certificates. But how exactly does this work with regards to content management systems like WordPress? Let’s explore how SSL can work best for you and how best

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Should You Connect Your Email Address To Your Business Website?

When setting up your business website, it’s very important that you do substantial pre-planning to be certain that everything runs smoothly before going live. An important factor that you must consider is how to handle company emails. Is it worthwhile

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Increasing Your Website’s Readability: Typography

You’ve been to websites before where reading the content was nearly impossible. The last thing you want is for someone to come to your site and get eye strain while looking at your welcome message. You want your site to

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Tips on Cleaning Infected Websites

Cybersecurity concerns and solutions are on the rise as more of our daily activities convert to digital processes. The cloud is pretty standard anymore no matter where you go or what you are doing, and so is malware. In fact,

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Do You Have W3C Markup Validation? – The World Wide Web Consortium

Do You Have W3C Markup Validation? - The World Wide Web Consortium The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international group whose sole purpose it to develop standards for the web. Following W3C standards ensures that your site is

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Exposing Your Email Address Online

Exposing Your Email Address Online You hired a web designer to build your perfect site. You’ve created an environment of strategy and collaboration that meets the needs of you and your company, but what happens after launch? You could go

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Importance of Regular Back-Ups

Importance of Regular Back-Ups How often do you back up your systems? Even if you do back them up fairly often, you may not be doing it enough. Getting into a routine of regularly securing your data and cleaning out

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The Benefits of Integrating YouTube into Your Website

The Benefits of Integrating YouTube Into Your Website Video can add an extra interest to your website and attract more viewings and clicks to details about your product. Many viewers look to YouTube to find entertaining and relevant content and

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