Template Choices & Moving Parts Can be a Daunting Task for a Coder

Web design has taken off in recent years and is now more of an art form than it has been in the past.  To help facilitate this surge in aesthetically pleasing and stylized websites, many companies are now offering top quality templates that can make your website easier to manage and appear professionally designed.

However, these template choices can be problematic for coders.  If you are a coder, then you know that having to deal with templates can be frustrating and it can make you wish you had just done this yourself from the beginning.  For those who don’t code, it can actually be a benefit to code because it can remove some of the frustration caused by templates.

Choose Templates Carefully

The bottom line with templates is that many of them have been poorly designed.  They are “cookie-cutter” layouts that look like every other one on the Internet.  But others are actually poorly coded.  The problem is that the company throws them out there to look nice without taking the time to actually test them out to make sure they work.

Some website templates come with so many plug-ins that they load at the pace of a snail; they also may not have the ability to customize so that they can load easier on mobile devices.  When this happens, the website has to either switch to another template or have its code debugged; this can be time-consuming!

Coding Knowledge Helps

As many designers have pointed out, learning to code has actually freed them up to help them become better designers.  They are no longer constrained to have to use the “same old, same old.”  Instead, they can work outside of the box and not have to worry about template restrictions.  Keep in mind that the templates use those plug-ins as substitutes for actual code; as a result, the websites themselves can be greatly flawed.

Not all templates are created equally.  As a result, many times coders have to step in and repair what other coders failed to debug, leaving many to wonder if it would just be better to start from scratch.

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