The Facebook Algorithm


The Facebook Algorithm

Social media is a simple and fast way to promote your business and the services that you provide. It is free unless you decide to boost a post and reaches a large audience. However, it can be a bit frustrating trying to understand why some of your posts may not get as much traction as others. Especially if it does not seem like your page is being seen at all!

The reason and the solution to your social media problems lie in that platform’s algorithms. Algorithms are filters and processes that help sift through content to determine what is most important and what is not. Facebook, in particular, has a massive amount of content and data that it is constantly being fed from all over the world. In order to prevent its users from being overloaded with the entirety of content produced by their friend’s list, they have created algorithms to minimize how much an individual user sees in their newsfeed. This is limited to the top 300 recent posts of content from that user’s friends list, which is still a lot of content. Can you imagine sifting through the thousand or more posts each day that all of your combined friends share? That would be an overloading amount of information to process with only a few things posing any relevance to you.

Now, although Facebook’s algorithms may be helpful in this regard, they require some thought when trying to promote your business. There are strategies to keep in mind to promote positive traction for your business, but not all traction is good. Facebook’s algorithm penalizes posts that are considered overly promotional or have been reported by other users. An overly promoted post might be constantly pushing to buy a particular product, install an app, urge people to enter a sweepstakes, or use copied verbiage from ads. All of these factors can cause your posts to become a lower priority for the newsfeed and result in negative traction. Try to avoid some of these approaches and view your business as being relevant and interesting to your audience, rather than constantly pushing them to try your services.

The strategies to create positive traction are pretty simple. In order to reach a large audience, you need to be relevant, informative, and relatable. Below are a few ways to achieve this voice for your business page and develop your business’ online presence in a positive light.

  1. Trending topics

Post about trending topics, but be sure that they are relevant to your desired audience and your business. Maybe you own an automotive repair shop. Post a video about a new vehicle that is about to be released or information on a nationwide safety recall. These two topics might be of interest to your audience and are likely trending which will bump your post to the top of users’ newsfeeds.

  1. Timing of Likes and Comments

Facebook’s algorithm is regularly undergoing updates to continue to improve and evolve. In this year’s update, there were several adjustments made. One of them was factoring in the timing of likes and comments on a post. In the past, the number of likes affected the importance of the post, but now so is the timing. The quicker people like and comment on a post, the higher priority it will receive. Additionally, the number of “Reactions” a post gets also increases its relevance. If a post obtains a lot of “Wows” or “Laughing” reactions, you will gain more traction on the newsfeed. When posting on your business page, have yourself and possibly even your family and employees like that post as well to help boost the post.

  1. Pictures and Video

Video posts have increased substantially in the past couple years. With this comes a lot more competition in post priority with other users. Video is great, but try not to post them constantly. Only promote video that is exciting and important for your specific business. Pictures, however, tend to get a lot of traction. First, they catch the eye of Facebook users as they mindlessly scroll through their newsfeed. They are likely to “like” your photo quicker than they would your video. In our hurried world today, watching a video longer than a minute can seem time consuming and unimportant. However, a photo can still portray vital information without requiring much time for the user to recognize its meaning and appreciate it. Be sure whatever photos or videos you are posting are professional and high quality. This will keep your business looking successful and gaining respect from your audience.

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